The Pc Card and Cardbus Devices Are Being Replaced by What Technology?

Similarly, What type of technology can add geographical identification data to media such as digital photos taken on a mobile device?


Also, it is asked, Which management system is used to support the creation and subsequent editing?

ANSWER: Information management is a tool that allows several personnel to collaborate on the development, editing, and modification of digital content.

Secondly, Which enterprise deployment model allows users to use their personal mobile devices for business purposes?

The most well-known policy on this list, and the most common deployment option for enterprises, is BYOD (bring your own device). Employees that have a BYOD policy bring their own devices to work and utilize them for work-related activities.

Also, In what type of cloud computing does the customer have the highest level of control?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) are the three basic cloud delivery types (SaaS). Each has its own set of uses and input requirements. IaaS provides the maximum amount of control as a self-service approach.

People also ask, Which is used to track the geographical location of your device?

System of global positioning (GPS)

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What is a supply chain and why is it critical to understand that it needs to be secured quizlet?

A supply chain is a system that transports goods from a supplier to a buyer. It is vital that we protect them since infected devices may be difficult to clean, consumers may purchase contaminated devices, and it is impossible to avoid.

What is security management in operating system?

An operating system’s security management function aids in the implementation of methods that safeguard and protect the computer system both inside and outside. As a result, an operating system is in charge of safeguarding the system on two levels: internal security and exterior security.

What is security management practices?

Security management comprises determining an organization’s information assessment, as well as developing, documenting, and implementing policies, standards, processes, and guidelines to assure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.”

What type of deployment models allow the user to select the mobile device make and model?

Which deployment methodology(s) enable customers to choose the manufacturer and model of their mobile device? Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) (CYOD).

What type of storage is used on mobile devices?

Solid state drives are the sort of storage that comes standard in the majority of Android mobile devices. These are basically flash memory disks that keep all of your data on hand. These solid state drives, unlike other kinds of hard drives, have no moving components.

Which mobile device management method allows the employee to purchase a mobile device but the organization has complete control over the device?

CYOD CYOD CYOD CYOD CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) This allows workers to use their preferred devices for work, similar to BYOD, but the organization retains complete control over the devices’ use and security.

What is cloud computing and types of cloud computing?

Private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and multiclouds are the four basic forms of cloud computing. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service are the three primary categories of cloud computing services (SaaS)

What is cloud in cloud computing?

Simply described, cloud computing is the transmission of computer services via the Internet (“the cloud”) in order to provide speedier innovation, more flexible resources, and economies of scale.

What are some uses of geo-tracking?

What are some of the applications of geo-tracking? In the field of logistics and delivery. Asset Management and Tracking For the protection of lone workers. As a Deterrent against Theft. Geo-tracking ensures that a device or vehicle is only used for work. Provide Insurance Companies with Useful Historical Data

How do you collect geo location?

Get a location’s coordinates Open Google Maps on your PC. Right-click the map location or region. A pop-up window will appear. At the top, you’ll discover your latitude and longitude in decimal format. Left-click on the latitude and longitude to copy the coordinates automatically.

What is supply chain management and why is IT important to a company quizlet?

What is the significance of the supply chain? Supply chain activities are planned, implemented, and controlled via this process. Managing information flow across the supply chain to achieve a degree of synchronization that makes it more responsive to client requests while saving costs.

How does heuristic detection detect a virus?

What is heuristic detection and how does it work? The code is run in a virtualized environment that has been constructed. The suspicious file is compared against a string of bytes from the virus. A virus’s bytes are divided into “piles” and then utilized to construct a profile.

What social engineering principal frightens and coerces a victim by using threats group of answer choices?

What social engineering principle uses threats to intimidate and force a victim? Impersonating a genuine or fictional figure and then playing out that role on a victim is known as social engineering impersonation.

What is device management with example?

In an operating system, device management refers to the control of input/output devices such as disks, microphones, keyboards, printers, magnetic tape, USB ports, camcorders, scanners, and other accessories, as well as supporting units such as support units control channels.

What manages the hardware and runs the software?

The operating system is the most important piece of system software. It controls the computer’s hardware, data and program files, and other system resources, and offers a graphical user interface for the user to interact with (GUI).

What is networking in cyber security?

Network security refers to the steps taken by a company or organization to protect its computer network and data via the use of both hardware and software technologies. This seeks to protect the data and network’s confidentiality and accessibility.

Who is ultimately responsible for managing technology and for enforcing policy?

ANSWER: Users are ultimately accountable for technology management. The Project Manager is in charge of enforcing policies related to technology usage. Everyone in a managerial position in a company is accountable for implementing policies that impact the usage of technology.

What is organization security?

The strategies, tools, and individuals used to safeguard an organization’s digital assets are referred to as information technology (IT) security. The purpose of IT security is to prevent unauthorized users, sometimes known as threat actors, from disrupting, stealing, or exploiting these assets, devices, and services.

Which of the following models includes the employee choosing from a selection of company approved devices?

Employees may pick from a restricted number of certified, corporate-liable devices that come pre-configured with the protection and management that IT need to secure business data under the CYOD paradigm.

Which enterprise deployment model allows users to use their personal mobile devices for business purposes?

The most well-known policy on this list, and the most common deployment option for enterprises, is BYOD (bring your own device). Employees that have a BYOD policy bring their own devices to work and utilize them for work-related activities.

What storage technology do smartphones use?

Smartphones, although lacking hard disk drives, rely on solid-state memory in the form of NAND flash memory. This is the technology that enables smartphones to have the same amount of storage capacity as a PC hard disk drive.

What is the function of storage devices?

In other terms, a storage device is computer hardware that is used to store, transfer, or extract data files. It may also temporarily and permanently store data and information. There are two kinds of computer storage: Primary Data Storage: Internal memory and main memory are other names for it.

What is the storage capacity of a mobile device?

Most smartphones have 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB of internal storage, with 256GB or 512GB available on a select high-end models. Your operating system will take up roughly 5GB to 10GB of storage, and all of your programs will take up about the same amount.


The “what type of software is specifically designed for a soc in an embedded system?” is a question that has been asked by many. The “Pc Card and Cardbus Devices Are Being Replaced by What Technology?” is the answer to this question.

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The “mobile devices such as laptops are stolen on average once every 20 seconds.” is a statement that has been made by the FBI. The Pc card and Cardbus devices are being replaced with what technology?

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  • as a class, tablets are devices that closely resemble standard desktop computers.
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