What Is Technology Obsolescence?

when a technological good or service—even if it’s still in good condition—is no longer required or desired. Typically, technological obsolescence happens when a new product is developed to replace an earlier one. +1 -1.

Similarly, What is technology obsolescence risk?

Technical obsolescence risk refers to the possibility that a piece of equipment will stop serving its intended function or that the quality of the service will decline in contrast to more modern services offered during the project.

Also, it is asked, What is an example of obsolescence?

Functional Obsolescence Examples Another example of functional obsolescence in the technology sector is the parade of ever-evolving cellphones and smartphone technologies. New cellphones have more capabilities and features than older models, rendering them functionally useless.

Secondly, Why is technological obsolescence important?

First, technical obsolescence in organizations portends much reduced growth, productivity, and capital reallocation. This conclusion mostly pertains to the obsolescence of core innovations and embodied innovations, and it is more pronounced in marketplaces for competing products.

Also, What is obsolescence and why does it happen?

The term “planned obsolescence” refers to a marketing tactic used to ensure that a product’s current iteration will be obsolete or unusable in a certain amount of time. Consumers will definitely look for substitutes in the future thanks to this proactive approach, which will increase demand.

People also ask, How do you manage technological obsolescence?

Managing the threat of obsolescence Establish a buying plan. 2. Arrange manufacturers in order of dependability. 3. Read up on the dangers of obsolescence online. 4. Seek guidance from your maintenance staff. 5. Consider the hazards of stock obsolescence.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you deal with technological obsolescence?

ACTIVITIES AND STRATEGIES TO PREVENT OBSOLETENESS Through activities in planning and programming, design, building, operations, maintenance, and renewal, as well as retrofitting or reusing a facility, obsolescence may be avoided or its costs reduced (throughout the facility life cycle).

Do iPhones have built in obsolescence?

Apple calls it “Obsolete” after this “Vintage” period of two years. And once it becomes obsolete, Apple actually discontinues the phone. The iPhone manufacturer issues a warning: “Apple discontinues all hardware service for old models.”

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What makes a product obsolete?

A product’s obsolescence refers to the moment and circumstance in which it stops being functional, efficient, or compatible. When a business ceases making, promoting, or supporting a sold or created product, product obsolescence may result.

How is technological obsolescence a threat to information security?

Management’s probable lack of foresight and inability to foresee the technology required for changing company needs may result in technological obsolescence, which poses a security risk. When infrastructure ages, it becomes technologically obsolete, which results in unreliable and untrustworthy systems.

Is planned obsolescence good or bad?

Planned obsolescence encourages a “buy new and buy often” attitude, which adds to this waste. Since many of these goods need specialized minerals and metals that are often obtained via mining, the environmental effects of e-waste in particular are profound.

How does planned obsolescence affect the consumers?

Impacts on the environment and society By encouraging a “buy new and purchase frequently” mindset and restricting customer autonomy to retain things longer by hard-wiring a “self-destruct” button in devices, planned obsolescence leads to a culture of wastefulness.

How can training prevent obsolescence?

Programs for training and development are useful in preventing personnel obsolescence because they encourage workers’ initiative and creativity and serve to prevent manpower obsolescence, which may be caused by age, motivation, or a person’s incapacity to adapt to technological developments.

What is psychological obsolescence?

When people change completely functional goods or tools because they are out of style or the most recent model has appealing new features, this is known as psychological obsolescence. This usually occurs with entertainment gadgets (games consoles, TVs).

Why do devices become obsolete?

Practicality. Electronics are aging much more rapidly for another reason, which is practicality. The most recent versions of numerous electronic gadgets are necessary for our everyday lives since they have so many functions and applications.

Is planned obsolescence?

The technique of engineering items to fail fast or become outdated in the short- to medium-term is known as planned obsolescence. This often has the goal of promoting the sales of new items and upgrades, a technique that is prohibited in several nations.

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Why do iPhones break after 2 years?

It claimed that as the lithium-ion batteries in the gadgets became older, they were less capable of meeting peak current demands. As a consequence, an iPhone could abruptly shut down in order to save its electrical components.

Can I still use my iPhone 6 in 2022?

In 2022, will there still be updates? iOS 12 is the most recent version of iOS to support the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. But even after the release of iOS 13 in 2019, updates continued to be released for the iPhone 6. For iOS 12 and the most recent version, 12.5, patches have been delivered continuously.

Does Android Do planned obsolescence?

On the other hand, every other maker of Android smartphones also practices some type of planned obsolescence. This is due to the fact that they yearly introduce new variants of the same product. Additionally, they only publish significant software changes every three years.

What are the three types of obsolescence?

Key Learnings. Obsolescence is the word used to describe anything that is no longer current with market demands or that is out of date. There are three categories of obsolescence in commercial real estate investments: functional, economic, and physical.

What are the factors of obsolescence?

Defining Economic Obsolescence business economics. alterations to regulations or laws. a reduction in or loss of resources. increasing manufacturing input costs or being unable to pass on rising expenses. decreased demand increased rivalry. decreased profits or earnings.

What is the difference between obsolete and obsolescence?

Things that are out of date or no longer in use generally are said to be obsolete. Obsolete things are declining from usage and are about to become extinct.

What products have built in obsolescence?

The following seven items often experience intentional obsolescence. iPhones were slower. Safe-guarded ink cartridges Textbooks with minor modifications. Low-quality, fast-fashion clothing. Updates on cars every year. Consumer electronics that can’t be fixed. Light bulbs With a Short Life.

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What is consumer obsolescence?

Amankwah-Amoah (2017) When consumers are convinced to replace a functioning product and/or a component of it because they believe it to be out of style or unsuitable, this is known as “perceived obsolescence.”

What do u mean by hacker?

An person who employs computer, networking, or other abilities to solve a technological issue is known as a hacker. The phrase may also be used to describe someone who utilizes their skills to get into systems or networks without authorization in order to conduct crimes.

Why is Cyber Security a management problem?

Information technology (IT) may provide guidance on the number, compensation, and skill of the team that is needed for information security. Information technology (IT) experts and management must decide how tough and specific of a regulation to choose for information security.

How does Apple use planned obsolescence?

Reddit users learned in 2017 that Apple has been throttling or slowing down the performance of older iPhones with software upgrades, ostensibly to enhance battery health. Eventually, a $500 million court settlement brought it to an end in 2020.

Can we stop planned obsolescence?

By preserving your possessions for as long as you can, you can cut down on your purchase frequency. Keep using your phone until you can no longer fix it, even if the battery could be growing weaker and the applications might be running more slowly. Reuse: Make repairs when you can, or find a new use for your things.


Technology obsolescence is a term that describes the process of an older technology being replaced by newer technology. Examples of this are when the first cell phones were replaced by smartphones and when VHS tapes were replaced by DVDs.

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