What Was the Biggest Effect That New Technology?

Similarly, What was the biggest effect the new technology had on farmworkers?

What was the most significant impact of modern technologies on agricultural workers? The majority of employees gained new abilities.

Also, it is asked, What was the main reason for poor living conditions?

What was the primary cause of bad urban living conditions? Cities were unprepared for the influx of new labor. Why were working conditions at factories so poor at the onset of the Industrial Revolution? Workers were not protected by the law.

Secondly, What factor would have the most likely prevented the problems that Cities faced during urbanization?

What element would have most likely averted urbanization’s problems? They provided employees with the possibility to earn more money. Why were working conditions at factories so poor at the onset of the Industrial Revolution?

Also, What is the most likely reason Griscom connected crime to poor living conditions quizlet?

What is the most plausible explanation for Griscom’s association of crime with poor living conditions? People who were sick and unable to work were more prone to conduct crimes.

People also ask, What are the effects of new agricultural technology?

Farm equipment has grown in size, speed, and productivity as a result of technological advancements, allowing for more efficient cultivation of more area. Seed, irrigation, and fertilizers have all improved dramatically, allowing farmers to enhance harvests.

Related Questions and Answers

What did Britain do to stop the spread of industrial technology?

Britain prohibited mechanics, engineers, and others from leaving the nation in order to prevent the spread of industrial technology. transforming the US into a global economic power

What are 5 effects of poverty?

Poverty is connected to unfavorable situations such inferior housing, homelessness, insufficient nutrition and food insecurity, inadequate child care, lack of access to health care, hazardous neighborhoods, and underfunded schools, all of which have a detrimental influence on our country’s children.

How does poverty affect the world?

Poverty is defined as a lack of money and productive resources necessary for long-term survival. Hunger and malnutrition, restricted access to education and other basic services, social prejudice and marginalization, and a lack of involvement in decision-making are some of its expressions.

How poverty Affects Development of a country?

Poverty raises the risk of getting expensive-to-treat diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. As a result, decreasing poverty may foster not just a strong economy but also a physically better society. 5. Billions of people, mostly women, are still offline.

What problems resulted from the rapid growth of cities?

The impact of industrialization and population increase on the nation’s cities was dramatic. Noise, traffic bottlenecks, slums, air pollution, sanitation and health issues become all too prevalent. Skyscrapers started to dominate city skylines when mass transportation, such as trolleys, cable cars, and subways, were developed.

What were the greatest problem facing urban areas in the late 20th century?

Congestion, pollution, crime, and sickness were all common difficulties in all metropolitan areas, and city planners and residents alike sought creative solutions to the issues brought on by fast urbanization. The majority of working-class city inhabitants lived in deplorable circumstances.

How did conditions in cities affect people’s health?

What impact did urban environments have on people’s health? These issues may contribute to the spread of typhoid fever and cholera. People have lost their homes and structures to flames due to a lack of water.

What was the most important result of the second Industrial Revolution?

A more efficient variant of the Bessemer process to manufacture a huge volume of steel affordably.

What was going on in Europe that most likely influenced the reform movements of the 1800s?

What was going on in Europe throughout the 1800s that most likely inspired reform movements? Governments took a long time to respond. The population was rapidly growing. Revolutions were sweeping the continent.

What effect does technology have on our society?

It has an impact on people’s lives and alters how they learn, think, and communicate. It has become more important in society, and it is difficult to fathom living without it. Technology and society are intertwined, interdependent, and impact one another.

Which field has technology had the greatest impact on our lives?

Business. Technology has touched businesses, both big and small, arguably more than any other sector in contemporary civilizations.

What are 3 factors that led to the Industrial Revolution taking off in England?

The emergence of the Industrial Revolution in Britain was influenced by a number of causes. New technologies, raw material availability, trade routes and partners, societal changes, and a stable government all contributed to Britain’s transformation into an industry-driven nation.

Which were new advancements and innovations that resulted from industrialization?

The following are examples of new breakthroughs and inventions brought about by industrialization: I the use of electricity to power factory machines. (ii) The assembly line’s excellence. (iii) Water is used to power mills.

How advances in transportation contributed to Britain’s global trade?

Faster production led to the establishment of factories. Explain how transportation advancements aided Britain’s worldwide commerce. They could reach more destinations quicker and cheaply with easier and faster transportation like railways and steamships.

Who are the poor in our world?

The World Bank has defined severe poverty as persons who live on less than $1.90 per day, as assessed by the international poverty line, since 2015.

What are the effects of lack of education?

Lack of knowledge and lack of learning have bad consequences for the people and the nation. Children leave school without having learned the fundamentals, impeding these nations’ social and economic progress.

Who are the poorest of the poor?

The poorest of the poor are women, newborns, and the elderly.

How can poverty affect a child?

Children living in poverty face everyday challenges such as hunger, sickness, insecurity, and instability, but they are also more likely to struggle with poor academic success, obesity, behavioral issues, and social and emotional development (Malhomes, 2012).

Why does poverty still exist?

Poverty may also be caused by larger systems, such as shifting market demand for skills or labor, gaps in social safety nets, expensive education and health-care expenditures, or institutional discrimination. Poverty occurs for all of these interconnected reasons, and the combination of causes and consequences exacerbates it.

What affects economic growth?

Human resources, physical capital, natural resources, and technology are all variables that drive economic development and growth, according to economists.

What are some inequalities in our society?

Everyone Should Know These 20 Facts About Inequality in the United States Inequality in pay. CEO compensation. Homelessness. Premium for education. Gender Pay Disparities Occupational Segregation by Gender. Educational Disparities by Race. Discrimination based on race.

What are the effects of poverty essay?

Poverty’s Negative Effects A poor family’s life is affected by poverty. Poor people are unable to consume enough food and nourishment, and their ability to work is reduced. His income is further reduced by his reduced ability to work, making him impoverished. Children from low-income families do not get enough education or nourishment.

How did urbanization technology and social change affect the North?

What were the effects of urbanization, technology, and social change on the North? Workers started to migrate to cities in search of new opportunities. Growing urbanization resulted in a scarcity of safe drinking water, which led to sickness. Cities become more congested.

What difficulties did the new immigrants face?

What challenges did incoming immigrants experience in the United States? Immigrants faced a lack of employment opportunities, deplorable living and working circumstances, forced assimilation, nativism (discrimination), and anti-Aisan attitude.


The “by paying low wages, factory owners were able to” is a question that has been asked many times. The biggest effect of new technology was the increase in production and the decrease in prices.

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The “workers were attracted to industrial cities because” is a question that asks what the biggest effect that new technology has had on society. The answer is that it has caused people to move from rural areas and into urban areas.

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