Which of the Following Best Describes Information Technology?

Information technology (IT) is best characterized by which of the following? Everything involving computers is referred to as IT.

Similarly, Which of the following best defines information technology?

Of the following, which best describes information technology? standards that are used while creating information.

Also, it is asked, What defines information technology quizlet?

computer technology. any computer-based device that allows users to interact with information and support an organization’s information and information processing requirements. The actual pieces that make up a computer are known as its “hardware,” or physical components (or computer system)

Secondly, Which of the following best describes computer science?

Which statement about computer science (CS) is TRUE? It alludes to catering to business’ technology requirements.

Also, What is something that an information system professional would do?

A professional in information systems performs a variety of IT-related duties. They are the individuals who create, test, fix, install, and maintain the hardware and software used by one or more sites.

People also ask, Which of the following statements correctly describes the relationship between data and information?

Which of the following phrases best captures the connection between information and data? Data is information that has been processed to be helpful, while information is just raw facts that have no inherent significance.

Related Questions and Answers

Which software is used to process instructions and coordinate between devices?

running system (OS)

Which of the following is software that enables you to perform a specific function?

A computer program known as application software carries out a particular task, whether it be professional, personal, or educational. It is sometimes referred to as a productivity program or an end-user program.

Which of the following best describes a computer based information system *?

Solution (By Examveda Team) An information system is a comprehensive group of parts used to gather, store, and process data as well as to provide knowledge, information, and digital goods.

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Which of the following statements accurately describe an information system?

Which of the following claims about an information system is true? The modern phrase for the fusion of information technology and telecommunication technology is an information system.

Which of the following best describes uploading information?

Answer Gyaan: Which of the following better represents uploading information?

What are information systems used for?

Users of information systems may gather, store, organize, and disseminate data—tasks that can be useful for businesses for a number of reasons. Information systems are used by many firms to manage resources and boost productivity. In order to compete in international markets, some people depend on information systems.

What are the main functions of information systems?

Information systems execute tasks including taking input data, storing it, processing it, and then creating output data, among other tasks. They also have control over the feedback loop and the information flow.

What is information system How does IT work?

Data from computer databases is used by information systems to offer required information. A database is a structured collection of connected data that reflects a key part of a company’s operations. 1. Internal and external data from the organization are collected via information systems (external data).

What are information technology devices?

Information technology device refers to hardware or software that is used to operate hardware that is intended to utilise information that has been saved in an electronic format, including programs, languages, processes, or related documentation.

What is the relationship between data and information?

Data are only facts or numbers, which are fragments of information but not actual information. Information is defined as data that has been understood, organized, structured, or presented in a way that makes sense or is valuable. Information gives data context.

What is the relationship between data and information quizlet?

Data are bare-bones facts and statistics that lack any context. Both quantitative and qualitative data are possible. Data that has been given context is considered information.

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programmer activity An application software and the computer hardware are connected by the operating system such that the application program can only communicate with the hardware by adhering to the operating system’s rules and procedures.

How does the operating system coordinate the work of hardware and software?

RAM serves as a temporary store space for the instructions and data the CPU requires while the OS organizes the processor’s operations. Therefore, the OS is in charge of organizing the RAM space allocations to guarantee that there is adequate room for the pending instructions and data.

How do computer hardware OS and application programs work together?

Thanks to the collaboration of your operating system and central processing unit, software and hardware operate together. The interface between you and your CPU, the mind of your computer, is provided by your operating system.

Which of the following is a class of specialized programs that allows users to perform specific tasks on the computer?

Application software, usually referred to as an app or an application, is computer software created to assist the user in carrying out certain activities. Business software, accounting software, office suites, graphics software, and media players are a few examples.

Which is a description of how a user uses the system being designed to perform a given task?

Usability may be defined as a system’s ability to provide users the conditions they need to do activities in a safe, effective, and enjoyable manner.

Which type of software would you use to make the computer perform a specific task such as writing a letter or drawing a picture?

software applications

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Which of the following best describes the purpose of an information system in an Organisation?

An information system’s goal is to transform unusable data into information that can be used to make informed decisions inside an organization.

What is defined as a computer based information system Mcq?

Answer: d. A computer-based system that transforms data into information. Report.

What part of an information system is most important?

the human factor

Which definition best describes a computer?

What description most accurately defines computers? a piece of technology that can analyse and store data to aid users in finishing activities.

What is the best description for computer?

A computer is a device or equipment that follows instructions from a hardware or software program to carry out tasks, computations, and activities. It is capable of receiving data (input), processing it, and then producing results.

Which of the following best defines computer software?

Defined by Computer Software Programming code run on a computer processor is known as computer software.

What are information systems quizlet?

An information system is what? a network of communication systems, databases, hardware, and software that functions as an integrated human-machine system. It gathers data and transforms it into information needed at all organizational levels for decision-making.


The “which of the following best describes the creation of information” is a question that has been asked many times. Information technology is the process of creating, storing and sharing information.

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