Which of the Following Best Explains Why Improvements in Communication Technology Allow?

Which most effectively demonstrates how advances in communication technology enable consumers to make wiser financial decisions? Having better communication makes it simpler to get the data required to make an informed decision.

Similarly, How has technology improved our lives in communication?

The communication process is facilitated by technology. Numerous new forms of electronic communication have emerged as a result of technological advancements, including social networking sites and videoconferences. Time and distance as barriers to contact have been reduced with the rise of technological communication.

Also, it is asked, Why is important technology in communication?

One way that technology has an impact on communication is by making it simpler, faster, and more effective. You can keep track of chats and so give customers better service. Additionally, technology streamlines the process of gathering client data and enhancing the entire customer experience.

Secondly, What are technological advancements in communication?

Since the middle of the 1990s, the Internet has had a revolutionary impact on communication, leading to the emergence of almost instantaneous communication via electronic mail, instant messaging, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone calls, two-way interactive video calls, discussion forums, blogs, and social networking.

Also, Why are new communication technologies important to society?

1. An overview. ICTs (information and communication technologies) are crucial to every facet of contemporary civilization. The way we engage with one another, find the information we need, work, conduct business, and manage our social life has all altered as a result of ICT.

People also ask, Do you think technology has improved communication how answer?

It’s true that technology has greatly aided in improving communication. For instance, a person with cerebral palsy can benefit from the best and quickest communication possible thanks to the Dragon Dictate technology. Such technologies have the potential to be tremendously beneficial to many people. Was this response useful?

Related Questions and Answers

Why is new technology important?

The creation of new technology enhances work, improves life, and improves the globe. In actuality, technology has had a significant impact on how we interact with the environment and how we live in the world today. The impact of technology is more than we anticipated.

What are some of the benefits of technology use in the workplace what are some of the challenges?

The Value of Technology and Its Advantages in the Workplace Boost the competitiveness of your company. Improve Interaction and Cooperation. Boost Security. Boost efficiency and productivity. Obtain Compliance. Utilize an MSP to Support Your Technology.

How can technology be used to improve data management in the workplace?

Companies may better control what information leaves their systems and offices by using secure scanning to prevent papers from being scanned to external devices like USBs. These actions aid in demonstrating accountability while minimizing security breaches and safeguarding corporate integrity.

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What benefits does technology provide and what problems does technology pose for managers?

Common Benefits of Technology in the Workplace It makes movement easier. It promotes invention and creativity. It makes communication better. It enhances the administration of human resources. Time is saved. Workplace interactions are impacted. It can result in a lack of mentoring. It could divert attention from job.

How has technology changed communication in the workplace?

Communication in the workplace has improved thanks to smartphones, chat apps, and industry-specific social networking sites. It is more quick, collaborative, more intentional, and unified. Employees can use technology to complete crucial tasks while away from the office and stay in touch with peers, even in person.

What can you improve by using technology?

The use of technology to increase effectiveness the quickest, easiest way to record relevant information, like customer details. Keep track of your documents to make sure that information is processed logically. Avoid duplication, such as the use of handwritten timesheets that must be manually entered into a computer.

What technology can we use to improve operations?

Using technology to enhance operational procedures in business operations Communication. For workers, phones have become essential. Customer support Businesses are more in touch with their clients and customers because to technology. project administration. How well-informed are you about what’s happening in your company? Conferencing. Automation.

How does technology improve learning?

Technology offers students quick access to knowledge, rapid learning, and enjoyable opportunities to put what they have learned into practice. Particularly in STEM, it allows students to go deeper into challenging ideas and explore new disciplines.

What technology is used to improve the quality and efficiency of operations and management?

The adoption of A.I.-powered chatbots is one of the top technological trends to improve operational efficiency in your company. As a first-line digital assistant, they can refer questions to already-existing FAQ pages and, if necessary, link prospects or customers with the appropriate departments.

What are some of the ways technology is improving the effectiveness of business communication?

Five Ways Technology Can Boost Communications in Your Business: Accessibility. More people than ever before are using the internet. Reliability. When you rely on people to deliver the message, it’s not uncommon for communications to get lost in translation. Productivity. Exposure. Education

How can Internet technologies be involved in improving a process in one of the functions of business?

At every stage of your company process, you may interact with clients more meaningfully thanks to internet technologies. Technology has streamlined the process of interacting with businesses, from market research and brand engagement to after-sales and customer service.

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Does modern technology help improve the educational process?

Through virtual reality simulations that mimic the real world, students can receive hands-on instruction more affordably. – Increases learning capacity: When using computers, students can acquire more material in less time than when without using them.

How will technology contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of businesses?

The appropriate technology may significantly boost a company’s productivity, communication, cooperation, morale, and employee engagement throughout the entire organization as well as its overall effectiveness and performance in the market.

How information technology supports efficient production of goods and services?

In addition to improving the value created to effort ratios in established processes for producing things and providing services, the application of IT can also reframe and redirect the use of human effort, resulting in unexpected payoffs of extraordinarily high value.

How does technology increase productivity in the workplace?

Powerful computers can handle repetitive and monotonous jobs, which boosts productivity. It lessens the possibility of human error. Furthermore, letting technology handle the labor-intensive duties frees you and your staff to concentrate on crucial business operations and revenue-generating activities.

How can Internet technologies help a business form strategic alliance with its customers suppliers and others?

Information technology makes it possible to communicate, collaborate, and share information in ways that were never before feasible, which can aid a firm in forming strategic alliances with its clients, suppliers, and other parties.

How can Internet technology support business to business electronic commerce?

In other words, the Internet may be utilized to do marketing research, reach new markets, better serve customers, transport goods more quickly, address customer issues, and collaborate with business partners more effectively.

How can internet technology facilitate management and coordination of internal business processes and supply chain management?

By enabling firms in several countries to connect and share supply chain information, internet technology makes it easier to manage international supply chains. A demand-driven approach can be adopted and effective customer responsiveness can both be facilitated by improved supply chain communication.

How technology has changed the way students learn today?

According to a PBS LearningMedia study, 74% of teachers said that using technology in the classroom helped them encourage their pupils to learn and reinforce the lesson plans. Additionally, about 73 percent claimed that it improved their ability to engage children with various learning preferences.

How does information and communication technology help productivity?

gains in overall productivity It should come as no surprise that using a unified communications system results in considerable increases in productivity given their capacities to promote teamwork, simplify and expedite communication, and enable the freedom to work from anywhere.

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How do you develop opportunities to use technology to deliver efficiencies and effectiveness within a business?

Six ways technology might boost your company’s productivity Digital marketing tools can expand your company. Remote Workers: The Future of Work is Telecommuting. Purchase Quality Hosting to Deliver Outstanding User Experience. Make Use of Speech-to-Text Transcription to Boost Productivity. Teleconferences can be used to communicate.

How is information and communication technology improving business transactions?

ICT improves a business’ efficiency, effectiveness, and ability to react quickly to client needs. ICT may help with a variety of commercial tasks, including design, production, R&D, distribution, sales, and feedback.

How information technology supports efficient procurement of goods and services?

Data is gathered via information technology and stored in a database, which makes it easier to assess supplier behavior. Additionally, it helps the procurement officers to evaluate costs, standards, and conditions of payment in order to choose a reliable supplier.

How can information technology help a company to gain and maintain a strategic competitive advantage?

The link between competitive scope and competitive advantage can be changed by information technology. The technology improves a business’s capacity to plan its operations locally, nationally, and internationally. In order to get a competitive edge, it can unleash the potential of a wider geographic scope.

Why does technology improve productivity?

Solutions that enable teams to discuss, plan, execute, and track work all in one place are very valuable, since they increase and strengthen collaboration,” says Dr. Teams can concentrate more on finishing their work when there is less conflict when they are working together.


The “which of the following states the most direct benefit of greater productivity” is a question that asks which of the following best explains why improvements in communication technology allow for greater productivity. The answer to this question is that there are many benefits, but one of the most important is increased access to information and resources.

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