Which of the Following Is an Example of New Military Technology Used During the Hundred Years War?

Similarly, What technologies were used in the 100 year war?

During the Hundred Years’ War, a variety of new weaponry were also introduced. As early as 1375, gunpowder, rifles, and cannons all played important roles. The Combat of Castillon, the war’s last battle, was the first in European history in which artillery played a decisive role.

Also, it is asked, What was the new style of warfare that began during the Hundred Years War?

chevauchée strategy

Secondly, Which of the following new technologies significantly influenced the course of WW1?

The machine gun, which was invented by an American, Hiram Maxim, was perhaps the most important technical advancement during World War I. In 1914, the Germans recognized the country’s military potential and had a considerable number of troops ready to deploy.

Also, What new weapons were used in WW1 quizlet?

(6)poison gas is one of the terms in this collection. The Germans invented a new weapon that was utilized by both sides. trench warfare is a term used to describe a kind of On the Western Front, opposing forces constructed kilometers of parralel trenches to defend themselves from enemy fire. Machine guns are a kind of machine gun. Ammunition was automatically fired. airplanes.\ssubmarines.\stanks.

People also ask, What weapons were used in WW1 for the first time?

For the first time, airplanes and submarines were deployed to find the enemy. The enemy’s position was also determined using field telephones and acoustic equipment. During World War I, however, several new weapons and technologies, such as chemical warfare, flamethrowers, and submarines, created a tremendous deal of dread and turmoil.

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What type of technology is used in the military?

Current military are continuing to invest in future technology. Cognitive radar, 5G cellular networks, microchips, semiconductors, and large-scale analytic engines are examples of such technology. In addition, numerous military are working to develop laser technology.

What new technologies were introduced in ww1 and how did they impact the war?

Machine gun – During the war, the machine gun was upgraded. It was made more lighter and more maneuverable. Flame throwers – On the western front, the German Army utilized flame throwers to push the opposition out of their positions. Chemical weapons were also introduced to conflict during World War I.

How did new military technology influence the fighting in WW1?

What impact did improved military technology have on World War I battles? It resulted in an increase in the number of casualties. What was one effect of Russia’s lack of industry on the war? On the Eastern Front, trench warfare did not emerge.

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Who used cannons in the Hundred Years War?


How did the Hundred Years War change the practice of warfare?

The conflict ushered in a new era of warfare, with less dependence on feudal levies and more professionalized, standing armies taking their place. This transformation continued until the early modern age, resulting in a military revolution, according to military historians.

How did new military weapons during the Hundred Years War affect medieval Europe?

How did developments in armament help to the end of the Middle Ages during the Hundred Years’ War? Stronger monarchy and a weakened aristocracy were the result of advanced weaponry. The development of advanced weaponry resulted in a stronger aristocracy and weakened armies.

What was the new innovation that the English used during the Hundred Years War?

The Hundred Years War started with two significant English wins thanks to tactical innovations: they attempted to capture defensible positions and deploy lines of archers and dismounted soldiers at arms. They possessed longbows that could fire quicker and further than the French, as well as a large number of archers compared to armoured infantry.

What was one cause of the Hundred Years War quizlet?

What were the reasons of the Hundred Years’ War in general? Land disputes, economic issues, and a disagreement over the succession to the French crown all arose during this period.

What happened during the Hundred Years War?

The Hundred Years’ War was a protracted conflict between England and France over the French throne’s succession. It was more correctly referred to as the “116 Years’ War” since it lasted from 1337 to 1453. The war begins with a series of astonishing victories for Britain, and the English armies go on to rule France for decades.

What were some of the new technological innovations that were developed after World War I How did they affect the Western world?

What impact did they have on the Western world? Affordable automobiles, better telephones, motion pictures, and radio were among the innovations. The advances aided in the creation of a mass culture and brought people from all over the globe closer together than they had ever been before.

What technological advances made World War 1 different from earlier wars?

In many respects, World War One differed from previous conflicts. The usage of technology is one of them. At the time, technological advancements in the war machine were groundbreaking. For the first time in history, huge mechanical tanks were used.

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Which technology most changed how war was fought explain?

New kinds of weaponry, such as the repeating rifle and the submarine, were invented by inventors and military professionals, and they permanently transformed the way battles were conducted. The railroad and the telegraph, for example, were much more vital than technology that had nothing to do with the war.

What new technology was used in ww1 quizlet?

The original machine guns used in World War I were very heavy and difficult to transport. They grew significantly lighter as technology progressed. They also paved the way for post-war innovations like the Thompson submachine gun, popularly known as the “Tommy” gun.

What weapons did ww1 soldiers use?

Weapons for the trenches Weapons for the trenches. Grenades. Underground mining is a kind of mining that occurs underground. Mortars and artillery. Machine-Guns. Poisonous Gas Rifles. Tanks and armored vehicles are two types of armored vehicles.

Which technological advances made ww1 different from past wars select 4 answers?

The battle became more devastating as a result of several technical advancements. Airplanes were utilized for reconnaissance and ground force support. On the battlefield, armored tanks emerged. Rapid-fire machine guns, lethal gases, and heavy artillery increased the death toll more than any other weaponry.

What new weapons were created for war as a result of the industrial revolution?

The most significant weaponry advancements in 21st-century warfare were created during the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution gave birth to weapons technologies such as recoilless and rifled artillery, smokeless gunpowder, and rifled and semi-automatic small guns.

Who has the best war technology?

The United States is “generally superior to Russia in military capabilities on the land, in the air, and at sea,” according to Jack Keane. “However, Russia has focused on strengthening their military systems over the previous two decades and now has a lot of outstanding capabilities – which the US also has,” Keane noted.

How new technologies affect military operations?

Due to the automation of communication methods, combat assets, control over the functioning of power units, and management of the damage produced, technological advancements have an impact on operation dependability in particular.

How are the computer technologies used by the military?

Computer technology is assisting in the development of new infantry and armor advantages. Guided munition systems, rocket and explosive defensive systems for tanks and APCs, enhanced biosensors for troops, 3D printed armament, and other notable advancements in soldier technology are just a few examples.

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What weapons were new in ww2?

The PPSh-41, PPS-42, Sten, Beretta Model 38, MP 40, M3 Grease Gun, Gewehr 43, Thompson submachine gun, and M1 Garand rifle had improved sufficiently in design and manufacturing processes to produce weapons of fair dependability.

What technology was invented in the 1940s?

New compounds and materials, including as the antibiotic penicillin, the pesticide DDT, and synthetic rubber, were developed in response to the needs of war. Radar, the jet engine, helicopters, and electronic computers were all developed during World War II.

How was technology utilized during the World War II?

To ensure that troops received the proper quantity of nourishment and energy, technology was employed to produce accurate rations (food). During the conflict, new medications were created, including antibiotics, surgical methods, and blood transfusions.

Which of the following was a new technique of warfare that was introduced in World War I?

Which of the following was a revolutionary military method used during World War I? and the protection of civilians New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona would then be given to Mexico. Austria-Hungary had abandoned Germany in order to defend Italy, as shown by the fact that it had turned its back on Germany.

What was the most important technology in WW1?

Tanks from WW1 had five technical breakthroughs. The Allies started building these armoured ‘landships’ in 1915, but it wasn’t until the Somme assault the following year that the first tanks saw action. Machine guns are a kind of machine gun that is used to Air assistance for tactical operations. Gases of poison. Napkins that have been sanitized.


The “who won the hundred years’ war” is an example of new military technology used during the Hundred Years War. The use of gunpowder and cannons was a huge change in warfare.

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