Why Does Star Trek Discovery Have Better Technology?

Similarly, Why did Star Trek: Discovery fail?

The majority of the characters in Discovery, those that mattered to the plot at least, had stunted character arcs. Although there are a few exceptions, Discovery failed its characters in general. Each character was thoroughly developed in The Next Generation.

Also, it is asked, What technology did we get from Star Trek?

automatic entrances large-scale displays. instant translation tools. Teleconferencing.

Secondly, Why did Star Trek: Discovery have to go into the future?

Burnham and the USS Discovery were sent on a one-way expedition to the far future in order to protect the Sphere data from Control, but when Georgiou fought Captain Leland, Control likewise seemed to have lost, or at least was rendered ineffective enough to be unable to continue the fight.

Also, Which is bigger Discovery or Enterprise?

This is strange because the Constitution-class Enterprise, a deep space cruiser, is supposed to be larger than the Crossfield-class Discovery, a science vessel; the Enterprise has a crew complement of 400, whereas the Discovery’s crew complement was 131 in season 1 and increased to roughly 200 in season 2.

People also ask, Will the Enterprise be in Discovery?

Discovery in Star Trek It was established that the USS Enterprise exists in the 32nd century of season 4 and is cooperating with Voyager for the first time in canon.

Related Questions and Answers

Is Star Trek: Discovery losing viewers?

Star Trek: Discovery did not exactly set the television ratings chart on fire, which is a shame. Overall, 1.7 million people watched the premiere, however it only received a 0.2 rating. That’s not good, but it is much less encouraging when you realize that repeats of popular programs like The Masked Singer and Filthy Rich defeated it.

Is Star Trek: Discovery a success?

But it seems like Star Trek: Discovery is still the most popular show on streaming providers. The iCarly return was the second-most viewed series on the service, according to Collider, after Star Trek: Discovery.

Which is better Star Trek: Discovery or Picard?

A lot of new creatures and planets are included in Discovery, which is more action-oriented. On the other side, Picard is more in line with The Next Generation, its parent program. Characters like Q, Guinan, and the Borg Queen provide us with greater fan service and nostalgia, and it is far more intellectual.

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Are Tetryon particles real?

Tetryons are subatomic particles that can only naturally exist in subspace conditions, according to Star Trek.

Is Star Wars technology possible?

Star Wars’ legendary prominence in science fiction and popular culture makes it suitable for use as an approachable introduction to actual scientific ideas. Many of the elements or innovations seen in the Star Wars world are now regarded as impractical. Their theories are nonetheless plausible in spite of this.

Did Star Trek invent the iPad?

The PADD, now known as Apple’s iPad, has joined the pantheon of “Treknology” that Gene Roddenberry originally envisioned in STAR TREK after 44 years. The PADD, now known as Apple’s iPad, has joined the pantheon of “Treknology” that Gene Roddenberry originally envisioned in STAR TREK after 44 years.

Why did Discovery go to the future if control was neutralized?

The Discovery Travels in the Future—Maybe Forever The spherical data had connected to the Discovery’s computer, which was the justification for such a dramatic action. The data wouldn’t enable the spacecraft to be destroyed or for itself to be deleted.

How far in the future did Discovery go?

900 years

Is Star Trek: Discovery in the Kelvin timeline?

The Kelvin timeline movies have now become canon after a significant revelation from the most recent episode of Star Trek: Discovery. J.J. Abrams and his crew launched a brand-new continuity for the series with Star Trek in 2009 that was distinct from the one established with The Original Series.

How powerful is the USS Discovery?

U.S.S. It has a maximum theoretical warp speed of 9.95. On one of its first missions, it manages to destroy a Borg cube, dispelling any concerns about its firepower.

Is the Enterprise stronger than the Discovery?

I think Enterprise is the harder, more powerful ship even if Discovery has more cutting-edge technology. Even the mission profile makes this clear: whereas the Enterprise sets out on five-year excursions into the unknown, Discovery serves as a testbed for new technology.

What is the best starship in Star Trek?

The Top Star Trek Spacecraft Suurok Class of Vulcan. Retcon for the Constitution. Cube of Borg. Class Prometheus. Class Constellation. Class Escort in defiance. Kelvin Timeline, Constitution Class. Warship of the Romulan Valdore class.

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Is Star Trek: Discovery an alternate timeline?

In the end, time travel was just as significant to “Star Trek” as exploration. This also applies to “Star Trek: Discovery.” It started out as a prequel series taking place 10 years before the original series but quickly changed to a sequel series taking place far further into the future than any previous “Star Trek” episode.

Why did the Enterprise miss the war?

The Klingon War on Discovery Was Missed by The Enterprise He reveals to Michael Burnham that he didn’t participate in the Klingon War at all since the Enterprise was on its five-year deep space research mission and was too far away to return in time.

Why has Netflix removed Star Trek: Discovery?

The transactions were test runs. When they discovered it wasn’t beneficial for them, they took the rights from Netflix since they were absolutely destabilizing their markets, he claims. “They went market by market, then negotiated huge worldwide agreements.

Is Star Trek: Discovery making money?

Because of this, even before we start production on “Star Trek: Discovery,” our new series, is lucrative. In the next second and third cycles, we still have extra chances to sell the show. It’s also reasonable to conclude that “Star Trek” will result in a sizable increase in CBS All Access subscriptions here in the US.

Why do the Klingons look different on Discovery?

According to the canonical narrative, Klingons often have hair but totally cut it off during battle. Pronounced. Cheek prosthetics are part of the DIS makeup.

What is the best season of Star Trek: Discovery?

Discovery’s third season is its finest. The third season of Star Trek: Discovery is Burnham and the crew’s best yet, and here’s why. Many people disagree with Star Trek: Discovery’s visual and thematic deviations from the standard format since it made its CBS All Access premiere in 2017.

Is Discovery filmed in Canada?

Produced by CBS Studios in collaboration with Roddenberry Entertainment, Secret Hideout, and Star Trek: Discovery. It is shot both on site and at Pinewood Toronto Studios in Toronto, Canada.

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Should I watch Discovery before strange new worlds?

The show is technically a direct spin-off of Star Trek: Discovery, but due to a quirk in that program’s narrative, the two are not set in the same era. The majority of Strange New Worlds takes place aboard the USS Enterprise, which William Shatner’s James T. Kirk initially commanded in The Original Series.

Who Is the Best Star Trek Captain According to Starfleet Rankings? Captains are the pinnacle of leadership in Star Trek. Obviously, a legend. Perhaps even more than the illustrious Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard is the most preferred captain. The first female captain of a Trek series, Captain Kathryn Janeway, served in Voyager.

What is the best Star Trek episode?


Does subspace exist?

No, the theory of subspace is not true.

Are Star Trek ships possible?

The starship Enterprise has come to represent space travel ever since it made its debut in the first season of “Star Trek” in 1966. According to a recent assertion made by an unnamed engineer, a replica of this famous ship might be constructed within the next 20 years.

Why is Star Wars so advanced?

Why is technology in the Star Wars prequels so cutting-edge? The simple explanation is that because the prequels were created in the 1990s and 2000s while the original movies were created in the 1970s and 1980s, real world technology was undoubtedly more sophisticated at the time of production.


Star Trek Discovery is a sci-fi television series that was released in 2017. The show has received some criticism for having better technology than other shows, but the success of the show has led to it being renewed for season 5.

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