Genetic Algorithms
Made Simple
With .Net/Mono and C#

The Genetic Algorithm Framework for .Net
Open Source
Available via NuGet

GAF Lab:
Genetic Algorithms
the easy way

Realtime monitoring and configuration of GA
Runs on Linux, Windows and OSX
For use with the GA Framework for .Net

Screen shot of the GAF Lab application..

Networking a
Genetic Algorithm
Using Docker

Evaluating Fitness
on a Network of Computers
with Docker

Easy conversion between
British National Grid
and GPS Co-ordinates

The Geodetic Library for .Net
Free for commercial use
Available via NuGet

iPhone showing a GPS App.
The Genetic Algorithm Framework for .Net.

The Genetic Algorithm Framework for .Net (GAF) is a really simple to use free .Net assembly that can be useful in both production and educational environments. Supplied as a single PCL, Mono compatible assembly, the product can be added to any Visual Studio or Xamarin project.

NuGet Status: 6627 Downloads


GAF Lab is a cross platform GUI application that can host, monitor and manipulate a GAF based genetic algorithm. Use this application to optimise GA parameters whilst the GA is running.

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Monitor Pane.

Other Activities

GAF Evaluation Server

The GAF Evaluation Server is a simple network server that can perform GA evaluations. The product allows the evaluation of a GA to be distributed across a network of computers.

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The Geodetic Library

The Geodetic Library is a .Net portable class library that provides easy conversion between British National Grid and GPS coordinates. Thr product is suitable for use with .Net and Mono including IOS projects.

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